Micro needling is a non-surgical resurfacing procedure that involves the osmosis of tiny needles into the skin.

The concept of micro-Needling is based on the skins natural competency to repair itself whenever it undergoes physical damage. ( cuts, burns and other abrasions). As we move the dermapen across your skin it creates pin points punctures into the dermal layer, most of these injuries are brief and heal within 24 hours.

Micro needling is a non-surgical resurfacing procedure that involves the osmosis of tiny needles into the skin. These needles create controlled micro injuries at max 3 millimeters deep which aid in cellular turnover and collagen induction. Immediately after an injury to the skin our body uses the damaged collagen as well as other damaged skin components to produce new cells.

The alignment of needles conclusively stimulate collagen formation while providing a channel for topical serum’s and vitamins to be adequately absorbed through the epidermal layer of the skin.


This is a natural treatment which cultivates skin texture, revamps fine lines/wrinkles, smooths and softens depressed acne scarring. It can also greatly help minimize the appearance of stretch marks and deep pores. The results are smoother, firmer, younger looking skin.

Unlike laser treatments, micro-needling is beneficial and suitable for all skin types and all areas of the body. We are able to treat areas such as your face, body, neck, hands and décolleté.

What is the recovery time?

Micro needling is a relatively easy treatment that requires very little downtime after the procedure. After treatment you can expect your skin to be slightly pink to red as you may experience minor bleeding throughout the treatment. Minor bruising is also a possibility depending on the depth of the needle during the procedure. ( In areas such as the chin, forehead and around eyes). With that being said the downtime for this treatment is relatively prompt and you can expect to have full recovery between 24 to 72 hours.

How many treatments will I require?

  • Every clients amount of series needed will differ depending on their end goal.
  • A series of 2 to 5 treatments is typically recommended spread out over 4 weeks.
  • This allows the clients skin to fully heal in between sessions.
  • Every client is different and results will vary.
  • Because of your bodies own collagen production it can take 4-8 weeks before you start to see the benefits.
  • 2-3 treatments for overall texture, smoothness and minimized more size
  • Mild to moderate acne scars, fine lines or sun spots 3-4 sessions may be required.
  • Deep scars and stretch marks may require 5-6 treatments.

How is micro-needling performed?

First we will thoroughly cleanse the skin and wipe with alcohol to ensure all makeup, oils and bacteria are removed.

A special cocktail will be created based on the clients concerns. Using our derma pen we will distribute our cocktail ( product) while the needles penetrate .5mm-2mm into the skin. These needles penetrate the skin leaving 10,000 minor punctures per square inch. This encourages cellular turnover and creates channels so the product can absorb deep into the epidermal layer.

The products are then thoroughly worked into the skin until fully absorbed. Clients then have the option for a HA-Vitamin C infused mask which cools and calms the skin.

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